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NEW ALBUM - Alchemy

NEW ALBUM - Alchemy


Alchemy feels like the right word to encompass this collection of songs because it feels like songwriting is just like alchemy.

One starts with a base idea and slowly it evolves and grows into its final form which sometimes looks nothing like how it started.

The songs on this album are like that - they may have started as an acoustic blues song and ended up having a trap beat behind it.

That’s the beauty of evolution. That’s the beauty of Alchemy.

Being a child growing up in the 90’s and spending every weekend glued to the TV watching Rage or Video hits, I was drinking in everything from The Prodigy to Mariah Carey to Missy Elliot to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers To Lauryn Hill to Tracy Chapman to Michael Jackson to Aretha Franklin to Mary J Blige to AC/DC to BB King…..and I LOVE it all.

This album is an unapologetic reflection of these formative, eclectic and diverse listening styles and influences.

My first love as a vocalist however was Whitney Houston she reminded me at six years of age that I was meant to sing. She helped me understand that my mission in this lifetime is to use these vocal cords for good things.
Alongside Aretha Franklin, she is my musical guru.

Alchemy applies to the state of mind surrounding the creation of these works also.
The songs span a section of time where I have literally been changed by the fires of life. Contrast has opened my eyes in so many ways and I am thankful for this new found perspective. I have been cracked out of my shell of ignorance.

So the songs come from a place of emotional, psychological and spiritual alchemy also.

The transmutation of pain into a blessing is a skill we must master to find forgiveness, peace, equilibrium, balance , harmony and finally self empowerment and it seems to evolve in that order.

It might be the ultimate gift we can give ourselves and those around us.

It might be the reason we’re all here in the first place - to perform Alchemy.

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